Saturday, August 1, 2015

Nico is so hot everyday........

It is 35 degrees everyday, and it is so hot indoors that I am a little worried about Nico. Whenever I bring him into a room where the air-conditioner is on, he wants to leave, and he would rather sleep in the hot hallway. It is relatively cooler in the hallway, than on the third floor, but it is still very hot. When it is really hot, like today, Nico likes to sleep on the floor between the photocopier and the garbage can, like in the picture above.

In the afternoon, when it is really hot, Senna will sleep, downstairs, in the air-conditioned, children's bedroom, unlike Nico, who doesn't like to go down to the first floor. He always is a little uncomfortable on the first floor, and wants to leave soon.

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