Friday, May 8, 2015

Look What the Cat Dragged in......

I was having a kids group lesson yesterday at around five o'clock, when I heard a ruckus in the hallway. I just assumed it was both my cats Nico and Senna playfully chasing each other through the house as usual. The sound was different than usual so I went to investigate and saw Senna sleeping on the sofa, which meant that only Nico was making all the sound. When I went upstairs I could see little feathers everywhere. I started to get a bad feeling in my stomach. My bedroom door was open, and walked in to see to my horror that Nico had caught a bird and brought it to the bedroom and placed it next to the bed! Why here dude!?
Nico looked proud of his catch, and started rubbing against my leg. I was so horribly surprised that I didn't know what to do, so I just picked Nico up and closed the door. I guess I should be glad that he didn't drag the poor bird onto my bed..... I heard that if cats catch birds or mice that they would often bring their prey to their master, or their favorite place. Well I guess I now know where Nico's favorite place is.
Nico and Senna often spend time on the balcony when the weather is fine. They often look at many of the birds that fly by, or the birds that sit on the telephone pole outside our house. My big cat Senna usually catches some insects out on the balcony, but I never thought one of my cats would be able to catch a bird on the balcony! I guess I shouldn't be surprised though, since Nico used to be a feral cat that lived by the river, before I brought him into my house. 


I wanted to write about having bought this new bed for the cats at Costco, but I was so busy last month, that I decided to just add these pictures here. It was so cheap. It cost only 3000 yen. This bed is actually for a big dog but my cats often fight for space on their bed that I thought it would be nice to have a big bed for the both of them. However they hardly seem to use it together.


  1. Seeing the title, I said to myself, "must be another explanation for that famous idiom," until, to my consternation, I found a feathery body immortalized in a photo. Gee, that looks all too familiar as my late cat would do just that every once in a while. Upon waking up, I used to find first thing in the morning either a rat, a bat, a sparrow, or almost every sort of cricket (one at a time, usually) left beside my futon, as if my tom cat boasted to me how great a hunter he was.
    Thanks for helping me take a walk down memory lane, albeit a bit of horrible kind.

    1. Thank you for commenting on my story. If my cat does it as often as your cat used to, then I'm really worried. I never let my cats go outside except for the balcony, so I just really hope this will be the last time, although I'm afraid it might not be ...........