Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Beginning my Blog at “blogspot”

I began writing on this blog on July 8th of 2014. Before then I wrote on my blog at “goo” for nearly eight years, from 2007 till 2014. I decided to switch over to this site (blogspot) because I am able to connect this blog with my Facebook page, which will then allow my readers to share the content of this blog on other social networking services. I want to share my content on Facebook because I think it is important to increase my “local” readership.

At this point I have already been blogging at “blogspot” about my running for about a year at “Otisのランニング”. I found “blogspot” very easy to use, and I like that the blog is connected to my Google+ profile. Now both of my blogs are on “blogspot” and connected to my “Otis Ooft” Google+ profile.


今月で約一年間“Otisのランニング”のブログを“blogspot”で書いていただきました。このブログは私のGoogle+プロフィールに連携されていますので、非常に使いやすいと思っていました。今日からOtisの英会話教室のブログも“blogspot”で書く事にしました。これで私の二つのブログがGoogle+Otis Ooftプロフィールに連携されます。

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