Sunday, July 13, 2014

Celebrating the Dutch Victory against Brazil

I bought some Dutch caramel wafers (“stroopwafels” in Dutch) at the “Konoha” shopping mall today in celebration of the Dutch crushing the Brazilians this morning. The kids really like them. 

Man! Brazil was bad. The Brazilian players would only move after receiving the ball. Typical play style of an unmotivated team. Well who can blame them. The Dutch did come in third, but at least they played better soccer than 4 years ago, when they came in second. Well that’s my opinion anyway.
I love to shop at “Kaldi”, the shop inside the mall where I can get lots of international products. This is also where I get my tea. This shop is a little expensive, but the tea is so much better than that at the local supermarket.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

“Like” my Facebook page・Facebookで“いいね”クリックしてね

今月から私の二つのブログ(“Otisの英会話教室のブログ”と“Otisのランニング”のブログ)がOtisの英会話教室のFacebook(フェイスブック)ページと連携されるようになりました。今後 Otisの英会話教室のブログ”又は“Otisのランニング”のブログが更新されますと、Otisの英会話教室のFacebookページを“いいね”(“like”)をクリックしてある方のFacebookフィード(ウォール)に表示されますので、更新直後に新しい記事を読む事が出来ます。
Beginning Today both of my blogs, Otisの英会話教室のブログ”andOtisのランニング”blog are connected to my Facebook page. This means people who have “liked” my Facebook page will get an update on their Facebook feed (wall) whenever either of these blogs is updated.
Of course this means you will be able to share the content from my blog with your other Facebook users (your friends), by clicking the “share” button below each of my entries.

Beginning my Blog at “blogspot”

I began writing on this blog on July 8th of 2014. Before then I wrote on my blog at “goo” for nearly eight years, from 2007 till 2014. I decided to switch over to this site (blogspot) because I am able to connect this blog with my Facebook page, which will then allow my readers to share the content of this blog on other social networking services. I want to share my content on Facebook because I think it is important to increase my “local” readership.

At this point I have already been blogging at “blogspot” about my running for about a year at “Otisのランニング”. I found “blogspot” very easy to use, and I like that the blog is connected to my Google+ profile. Now both of my blogs are on “blogspot” and connected to my “Otis Ooft” Google+ profile.


今月で約一年間“Otisのランニング”のブログを“blogspot”で書いていただきました。このブログは私のGoogle+プロフィールに連携されていますので、非常に使いやすいと思っていました。今日からOtisの英会話教室のブログも“blogspot”で書く事にしました。これで私の二つのブログがGoogle+Otis Ooftプロフィールに連携されます。